Partisan gridlock in Washington. Wildfires. The rising cost of healthcare. The national debt. Jobs and the economy. The outsized influence of special interests. These are not Democratic or Republican issues. These are American issues.

Yet too many politicians from both parties are trying to get us to fight against each other, neighbor against neighbor. Brynne Kennedy is a candidate for United States Congress who will put partisanship aside and put our communities first.

An accomplished businesswoman, Kennedy is the founder of Topia – a software company that has pioneered new tools to help more businesses compete in a changing economy, while helping tens of thousands of workers transition into new jobs and communities.

She was raised in a rural community that struggled in the aftermath of manufacturing plant closures. Her father was a community college teacher, the first in his family to attend college and a military veteran. Her mother runs a small-town store.

Her parents instilled the values of hard work and determination – often working late into the night to support the family and save for the future.  As both fought tough battles against cancer, Brynne experienced the challenges that many families face in our healthcare system first hand.

Growing up, Brynne was a competitive gymnast, who won three State Championships and qualified for the US National Junior Elite Training Team before an injury ended her Olympic aspirations.

After graduating college, Kennedy worked on financing infrastructure and housing projects in high growth communities across the world.  Determined to be the best in a field dominated by men, she routinely put in 80-100 hour work weeks – even as she faced many barriers to advancement.

As a business leader, she saw the opportunity for smart investments to uplift and transform communities, but also the importance of holding powerful interests accountable to basic standards and values.  In her own job, she faced unequal pay and survived a violent sexual assault from a supervisor thirty years her senior.

These experiences shaped Kennedy’s efforts to develop new ways to support workers in rapidly changing and increasingly mobile work environments.  Under Kennedy’s determined leadership, Topia began in 2010 as an idea at a kitchen table, and grew into a global software company that has created hundreds of good paying jobs with benefits like paid parental leave and employee stock ownership.

Since leaving Topia, Kennedy has emerged as one of America’s leading voices on the effects of technology on the workplace, and for policies that enable more workers and businesses to acquire the skills and support to compete in the 21st century. She’s a former columnist for the Financial Times and her first book was published by McGraw-Hill in October of 2019.

Brynne is also the founder of Mobility4All, a charitable initiative that supported refugees displaced by political conflict and environmental disruptions, and has advised lawmakers on policy issues in the face of a changing economy that too often shortchanges rural communities in favor of large coastal cities.

Today Brynne Kennedy is running for Congress because she knows that politicians have failed to stand up for middle class families struggling to make it in today’s economy.  She knows progress demands a willingness to work with people from different points of view to solve problems. She’ll bring the real world leadership experience we need to cut through partisan gridlock and help more people in California’s 4th District realize the American Dream – just like she did.

Brynne Kennedy earned her Bachelors Degree from Yale University, her MBA from the London Business School, and speaks Mandarin and French. She lives in Roseville, California.