Brynne is a businesswoman, entrepreneur and author. She supports a strong, modern, economy with good jobs and portable, protected benefits. She will fight for economic opportunity, community safety and affordable healthcare so that everyone in CA-04 can access the American Dream.

Brynne grew up in a rural area filled with small towns, the only daughter of a retail store owner of 47 years and a community college teacher who served in the military. Brynne’s middle-class upbringing instilled the values of the American Dream – that if you work hard, you can do well.  She put these values into becoming a national gymnast, working in business around the world, and founding the relocation and HR technology company Topia, becoming one of just a few female technology Founder CEOs in California and America.

Brynne and her family have faced many challenges similar to those affecting the families of CA-04. Her parents both fought tough battles with cancer, informing her strong belief in the importance of high-quality, affordable healthcare for everyone. Her father and grandfather served in the military, giving her a strong commitment to veteran’s health and services. As a child, she watched manufacturing jobs leave her local area and saw the effects of unemployment, addiction, and pollution, giving her a passion for creating sustainable economic opportunities and protecting the environment.  As a young businesswoman, she was sexually assaulted, instilling a deep commitment to protect everyone from all forms of violence.

Through her experiences as a business leader, Brynne saw that the economy is changing and economic opportunity is increasingly falling to people in urban areas.  Too many jobs are being disrupted without solutions and benefits for the future.  Too many children are undereducated for tomorrow.  Too many middle class families, like hers, are being left behind.  Brynne is running for Congress to extend the benefits of the modern economy to everyone in CA-04, to create sustainable jobs amid our changing economy, and ensure all families can access the American Dream like hers did.

Brynne is a leader who listens to the needs of the people around her, designs bold solutions, and brings people together to get things done.  Brynne will bring entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen to Washington break through griflock and get things done for the residents of CA-04.