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Meet Brynne

Brynne was born in a rural community, the only daughter of a small business owner and community college teacher, who both fought tough battles against cancer. Brynne learned early on the values of community, hard work and standing up for what you believe in. That’s what drove her to build her own successful business helping families settle into new places and contributing resources to people in need. Brynne knows how to listen to the needs of others, set bold agendas and get things done. As our Representative in California’s Fourth Congressional District, that’s what she’ll do in Washington every day.

Our Interests,
Not Special Interests

For too long, Washington has put special interests above the interests of American families and the middle class. Brynne is an independent-minded, results-oriented leader who has proven she can get things done and stand up for the people she works for. Brynne will fight for us and be the champion we deserve.

More Jobs,
More Opportunities

At 35, Brynne has already built a global company from scratch. As one of just a few female tech CEOs in America, Brynne brings new ideas and leadership for a new era.  Brynne will fight for your jobs, build the infrastructure for work in today’s economy, make it easier for small businesses to operate and grow economic opportunities for all of us.

Strong Health Care,
Real Security

Brynne has navigated serious illness in her family and sexual assault herself. She knows personally how important affordable, high quality healthcare is for physical and mental health. Brynne will fight for our healthcare, women’s rights, and our safety – from violence, wildfires, and a changing environment.