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Meet Brynne

Rooted in the values of hard work and the promise of the American Dream, Brynne Kennedy was raised in a rural area hit hard by a changing economy. Her father served in the military and was the first in his family to go to college. Her mother ran a small store. An accomplished business woman, Brynne has helped to bring infrastructure and other development projects to life and built a successful technology company that’s created hundreds of jobs and pioneered new solutions to help employers and workers thrive in today’s economy.

Brynne’s Approach: Americans Can Do More Together

When we get sick, we don’t ask, “Is the doctor a Democrat or Republican?” We only ask, “Will this doctor help me get better?” That’s the way politics should be – again. We shouldn’t ask if it is a Democratic or Republican solution. We should ask if it is the right solution.

Too many politicians are trying to get us to fight against each other, neighbor against neighbor. Brynne Kennedy is running to put partisanship aside and put our communities first.