Sac Bee: Brynne Kennedy, a CEO and local resident, is a better choice than absentee McClintock



OCTOBER 17, 2020   

Bee editorial board interviews Congressional candidate Brynne Kennedy


In California’s 4th Congressional District, voters have an easy choice: Brynne Kennedy. She’s a sensible and thoughtful candidate to replace Rep. Tom McClintock, who is seeking a sixth — and, if the past is any indication, politically fruitless — term.

Kennedy is CEO of Topia, a business communications software firm. A Yale graduate and MBA graduate from the London Business School, Kennedy recently relocated from San Francisco to Roseville. That makes her the only candidate who actually lives in the district.

Rep. McClintock has never lived in the district he represents. Even worse, his tenure in Congress has been marked by naked obstruction, disinformation and goofy stunts. McClintock voted against a bipartisan relief bill for Americans suffering the economic fallout of the coronavirus shutdown. Even Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Bakersfield, and Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Tulare, supported the bill.

McClintock rails against the government but has drawn a taxpayer-funded salary for decades.

He denies the scientific reality of climate change even though much of his district is in areas threatened by climate change-driven wildfires. He claimed that government efforts to fight COVID-19 were an example of “authoritarian socialism” even as the death toll climbed toward 200,000.

McClintock is a career politician pushing a divisive partisan agenda that serves no one but himself.

Kennedy, in contrast, accepts basic science and seeks to heal partisan division. Kennedy, a businesswoman and entrepreneur, has worked to create hundreds of jobs in the private sector. Kennedy admonishes both parties and encourages an end to the tiresome gridlock that has (temporarily) frozen Washington, D.C.

Kennedy advocates a consensus-based course for voters in her district. She has a track record of success. Unlike McClintock, she might actually work to improve the lives of her constituents and try to get things done in Washington.

“I decided to run for Congress because I believe we deserve better than we are getting,” wrote Kennedy in an op-ed in The Bee. “What makes America exceptional are the core values that unite us — Republicans, Democrats and Independents. There are problems we can all see with our own eyes through our own lived experiences. The right question for a democracy is not who to blame, but how to bring people together to fix them.”

Voters in the 4th Congressional District, which stretches from Roseville down to Fresno County, should do themselves a favor by forcing McClintock to finally go get a job in the private sector.

Kennedy has real world experience and knows what it takes to run a business. She cares enough to live in the district, and she cares enough to actually do some real work.

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