The Fresno Bee: Congress District 4 race pits obstructionist incumbent vs. business-savvy newcomer


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In California’s sprawling 4th Congressional District, which covers foothill and mountain communities from Roseville south to Madera and Fresno counties, voters have an easy choice: Brynne Kennedy. She’s a sensible and thoughtful candidate to replace Rep. Tom McClintock, who is seeking a sixth — and, if the past is any indication, politically fruitless — term.

McClintock is a career politician pushing a divisive partisan agenda that serves no one but himself. Witness this statement about the public health response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was in a McClintock campaign mailer issued in June: 

“The hyperbolic statements of preening politicians, self-important public health officers and agenda-driven journalists were never justified, and they deliberately fueled a public panic that laid waste to western economies and have undermined the foundations of western civilization.”

The entire Western civilization undermined by the response to COVID-19? Really.

And McClintock has the wisdom no one else seems to possess to render this judgment? Please. 

Kennedy advocates a consensus-based course for voters in her district. She has a track record of success. Unlike McClintock, she might actually work to improve the lives of her constituents and try to get things done in Washington.

McClintock did not respond to interview requests from The Bee. Kennedy was more than happy to spend time explaining her positions and why she’s running. 

Kennedy told The Bee Editorial Board she decided to run for Congress after meeting with congressional representatives in Washington and finding herself stunned by how out of touch they were with the concerns of American families.

“I was pretty horrified,” Kennedy said. “I just felt like members of both parties — Democrats and Republicans — had no clue about the real world. So detached from small businesses, from the reality of where our economy is growing, from working families like the one I grew up in. I just kept thinking, gosh, if I ever did my job like this — ignorant of substance, really focused on conflict instead of collaboration — I would have been fired very quickly, and with good reason.”

The Fresno Bee Editorial Board endorses Brynne Kennedy for Congress.

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